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Aquaco are at the forefront of research and development of water recycling technology.

Our own in house team are driving the industry forward designing and testing new processes, materials technology, and cloud systems for integration coupled with IoT devices and long term system monitoring.

Working together, we can save water and reduce loading on stretched municipal supply and discharge, furthermore saving money

Google HQ, King's Cross

3 no. IoT connected large scale grey water recycling systems totalling a saving of 22 million litres of water per year!

Grey Water


Collecting water from wash hand basins, showers, baths,  ablutions, condense and cooling tower blow-down, the Aquaco membrane-bio-reactor greywater system is the most energy efficient system in the world at just 660 – 990W / 1,000 litres of treated water, when compared to the market average of 1.75kW / 1,000 litres.



Combining rainwater with our grey water systems is particularly advantageous for large office buildings where the supply from wash-hand-basins is lower than the WC flushing demand. Using rainwater top-up the system covers WC flushing demands, top-up cooling water, and provide irrigation and wash-down water.

Our specialist Vellamo smart attenuation system allows for smart use of attenuation tank volumes, as a result rainwater top-up takes up no additional plant room space!

Principal Place, Shorditch

45,000 Litre / Day Grey Water System with a large scale Vellamo smart attenuation and rainwater top-up system

Battersea Phase 3a

Rainwater harvesting and storm water attenuation systems making up part of the overall green credentials for the Battersea redevelopment.



Collecting water from roof areas, storing and using for WC’s, irrigation and wash-down etc.

Rainwater recycling is best suited for buildings with large roof areas such as supermarkets, warehouses, and schools. Or, for high-rise or urban projects that need to attenuate the surface run-off increases from building upward.



Aquaco are world leaders in the design, development, and manufacture of water recycling systems, with over 15 years of experience in the market.

We were the first company in the UK to offer a cost-effective greywater recycling solution. We have continued that legacy, offering the home builder and homeowner the most cost-effective, high-quality water recycling solutions on the market for the home

Partnered with Aquaco

The latest in modular housing, with space, light and intelligent technology built-in.

Our services


Full design and specification authoring for consulting engineers, architects, and contractors

Full Turn-key solutions

Manufacture. Supply. Deliver. Install. Test and Commission. Maintain. Aquaco provide a full turn-key product.

Certified CPD training

Fully certified online CPD training. Take our online courses and gain valuable knowledge on water recycling.

Free Design Tools

(Coming Soon Q1 2021)
The most comprehensive and detailed design tools in the industry for FREE. use our online tools for free specification generation.

Full Maintenance

We offer comprehensive full-asset maintenance contracts, service contracts, site surveys, and feasibility reports and audits.

Domestic / Self Build

As well as our large scale commercial projects. Aquaco manufacture, supply and design a range of domestic systems.

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