MBR Grey Water


Aquaco are world leaders in the design, development, and manufacture of water recycling systems, with over 15 years of experience in the market. Our systems are installed around the globe from Google and Amazon headquarters in London, to the National Bank of Kuwait headquarters in Kuwait.

Our systems are all manufactured in the UK, at our premises in Kent, ensuring the carbon footprint of the Aquaco MBR grey water system is kept as low as possible.

Our in-house research and development team ensure that our technology is always at the forefront of the industry, driving quality, efficiency, and functionality.

“unmatched efficiency of up to 0.660kWh per 1,000 Litres of treated water”

Our Technology

Membrane filters

Our systems use hollow fibre membrane filters to generate crystal clear treated grey water, greatly exceeding BS 8525-1:2010 & BS 8525-2:2011.  Hundreds of hollow fibre membranes tubes (fondly termed “noodles” by Aquaco) move freely within the membrane bioreactor chambers on manifolds, reducing filter fouling and increasing the usable filter lifespan. Our systems have unmatched efficiency of up to 0.660kWh per 1,000 Litres of treated water, compared to an industry standard of approximately 1.75kWh / 1,000 Litres.


Our backwashing process helps to keep the filtration flux at optimum levels. Membrane filters are traditionally unsuitable for backwashing however, Aquaco has developed a completely unique method of backwashing which protects the membrane from excess inverse pressures while ensuring reverse flow is sufficient to clear bio-filming and particulate blockages.

Modular Design

Our MBR tanks are all modular by design, making specification authoring, plant room design and installation, simple quick, and cost effective.

How does it work?



Grey water from the baths, showers, wash hand basins, ablutions, or condensate enter our coarse pre-filter, where large particulates and hair are removed.



Water enters the aeration tank, where it is heavily oxygenated to promote biological digestion, and prevent stagnation. This tank spills passively in to the MBR tanks via a spill pipe and is protected with a mechanical float valve.



Aeration continues within the MBR tanks. Externally mounted permeate pumps draw water through our hollow fibre, 20 nanometre membrane filters removing 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, as well as TSS and turbidity, leaving crystal clear treated water.



The treated water is stored in the clearwater tank, where it stays until required at the point of use. The clear water tank works like a CWS tank, with mains water back up via a WRAS approved type AB airgap. All distribution is via Grundfos Hydro MPC booster sets, unless otherwise stated.


Grey water recycling recycling has many financial and environmental benefits, as well as providing key points towards BREEAM awards, and assisting in planning approval. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

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