Aquaco are world leaders in the design, development, and manufacture of rainwater harvesting solutions. We specialise in harvesting and attenuation. All our rainwater systems can be seamlessly integrated into our MBR Greywater systems for a full water recycling solution.

We are member of the UKRMA, where our Head of Engineering, William Shearer is a Director. Helping to guide the organisation’s efforts to bring legislation and government funding and grants to end-users and installer of water recycling systems.

“a medium-sized system can save up to 209 tonnes of CO2 per year”

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” – Benjamin Franklin


Carbon Reduction

With the UK aiming to hit Carbon net-zero in 2050. We need to all work together to minimise our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Rainwater harvesting has significant carbon savings over mains water. For example the recent Ricardo Report ( ED 13617100 | Issue number 1 | Date 04 September 2020 ), it states that a medium-sized system can save up to 209 tonnes of CO2 per year with high demand, such as an office block, hotel, or apartment block.

Water Savings

With the cost of water becoming increasingly more expensive, reducing your water usage by harvesting rainwater and using on WC flushing, irrigation and washdown can significantly reduce your water bills.

From the same report as above, a medium-sized rainwater system with significant usage will save on average £11,930 – £13,448 per year.

Affective BREEAM / LEED Accreditation

Rainwater harvesting offers an effective method of gaining valuable BREEAM points. Aquaco can offer you all your sizing and calculations to make this process as easy as possible. 

How does it work?



Rainwater is collected from the roof(s) and directed through the leaf filter, which removed all large particulates such as leaves, moss, debris etc.



The filtered water is then stored in the main rainwater storage tank. The tank is sized on the smaller of supply and demand over an 18 day period.

Tanks are available as underground GRP, or above ground GRP sectional, or single piece tanks.



The rainwater is then distributed out to the point of use via a packaged booster pump set. We use the industry leading Grundfos Hydro MPC ranges for all our distribution unless otherwise specified.



Rainwater can be used for WC flushing without any further filtration or disinfection.

However, we recommend the use of inline mechanical filtration and UV disinfection in most cases. Where there is a spray application the UV disinfection is a requirement.

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